19. 10. 2012

Battery — jednoduchej sampler

Jsem strašně línej psát o tom, jak je to super skvělý, takže si dovolim jen kopypastu z GitHubu:

Battery is a simple sampler (or rompler if you wish) you can control only with keyboard. In fact only with couple keys. The goal was to have something to play samples I can control on a headless machine (I’m using Rasberry Pi and MakeyMakey to control it right now). The philosophy is quite straightforward. Get some samples, copy them into samples directory and stick them into banks config file (see banks directory). You can specify as many banks as you want. Once you’re ready, fire up battery with your custom bank file: python battery.py -b my_bank.json or just do python battery.py to use default one.

Once you’ve started the sampler you can switch banks with space. Use w to toggle sample reversing on and off. a, s, d, f, g, h, j and arrow keys are free slots you can use for your samples. These keys are almost everything MakeyMakey has in stock setting. To close the sampler press q or ESC.

I use curses for UI and key grabbing and pygame for audio output.

I’ve bundled Kawai XD-5 drum samples from Hydrogen, you can get more free samples by runing get_samples.sh script. It expects you to have wget and rar binaries on your system.

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